Покрајински секретаријат за образовање, прописе, управу и националне мањине – националне заједнице

Bar examination

Certificate of not taking the bar examination

Provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities – National Communities organises bar examinations for candidates domiciled in the territory of the AP Vojvodina.

Current dates for taking the bar examination
Notification– Criminal Law

Bar examination committees comprised by the Provincial Secretary are:

The First Examination Committee
1. Milan Tkalac (President) – Criminal law;
2. Zoran Lončar, LL.D. – Administrative law;
3. Ernő Berényi – Labour law;
4. Borislav Šušnjar – Civil Law;
5. Tamara Radović – Commercial law;
6. Béla Miavec, LL.M. – International Private Law;
7. Slobodan Orlović, LL.D. – Constitutional Law and Judicial Organisation Law

The Second Examination Committee
1. Ferenc Molnár (President) – Criminal law;
2. Zsolt Szakállas – Administrative law;
3. Rajko Marić – Labour Law
4. Aleksandar Radovanov, LL.D. – Civil Law;
5. Slobodanka Gutović – Commercial law;
6. Marijana Dukić Mijatović, LL.D. – International Private Law;
7. Zoran Vučević – Constitutional Law and Judicial Organisation Law

Bar examinations are organised throughout the year (excluding July and August), by both examining committees, usually in the middle of the month (written part) and the end of the month (oral part).
The bar examination is standardised and consists of written and oral part. Candidates are obliged to take both parts of the bar examination during the same exam period (written part and at least four exams within the oral part).
An eligible candidate for taking the bar examination is any person who graduated from the Faculty of Law, after which he/she gained two years of work experience in legal affairs at court, public prosecutor’s office, public attorney’s office and in a solicitor’s office or three years of work experience in legal affairs at the magistrates’ court or other public authority, authority of territorial autonomy or local self-government or four years of work experience in legal affairs in enterprises, institutions or other organisations.

Candidates’ petitions to take the bar examination are received by post or directly in the Records and Filing Office, until 15th of the current month for the exam period for the next month (i. E. Until 15th September for October exam period).

Petition to take the bar examination Download
Petition to take the supplementary bar examination Download

Candidates taking the bar examination for the first time submit, along with the request, the following proof:
1. certificate of work experience (certificate of the court, bar associations, prosecutor`s office, authorities or organizations);
2. certified copy of a law degree;
3. certified copy of the first and second sides of the ID card (or a certified transcript read the ID card with a chip);
4. confirmation from the ministry competent for the administration of justice that the candidate has not taken the bar exam in the last two years before the examining committees formed by the minister (only for candidates who are in the last two years have changed their domicile outside of the territory of AP Vojvodina onto its territory).
Candidates taking the supplementary bar examination submit only the request for the supplementary examination.
Candidates taking the bar examination for the second time submit, along with the request, only the proof listed above under the number 3.
If taking the bar exam has been permitted, the candidate shall be informed, by means of a decision, about the date of the written or oral part of the exam, as well as about the account numbers of the Budget of the AP Vojvodina and the Budget of the Republic of Serbia to which payments of the bar examination fees and provincial administrative tax, should be made.

Note: All written documents (the decision on the approved examination, notices, certificates of examination and so on) will be delivered to the address of residence (address indicated in the identity card), unless the other address (address of residence) is explicitly stated in the request to which the candidate wishes the documents to be delivered to or the request explicitly states that the candidate will accept the documents in person in the Secretariat. The Candidate is obligated to state the correct address. If the candidate is not known at the address of residence or domicile and it was not possible hand them a written document, the delivery will be made by placing that act on the notice board of the Secretariat.

Bar examination fees shall be paid by a candidate upon the receipt of the decision on permission to take the bar examination, while the proof of payment should be submitted to the Secretary before taking the written part of the examination.

For taking the written part, a candidate should use a certified piece of paper exclusively, which may be obtained, together with the assignment, from the Committee Secretary during the written part of the exam. The draft may be written on the regular piece of paper.
The assignment must be returned after it has been completed.
The written paper shall be completed in handwriting or block letters, legibly and only with a pen. Corrections are allowed (crossing out or inserting text and the use of whitening agents) and attention should be paid to keep the paper tidy and clear enough to enable an examiner and philologist to examine it.

Sample written assignment from the criminal law Download

During the written part of the examination in Civil Law, candidates are given, as a rule, court cases.

Relevant regulations may be applied during the written part of the examination.
It is forbidden to leave the examination room during the written part of the examination.

During the entire examination (written and oral part) it is forbidden to use mobile phones, computers and other communication devices which could enable achieving unmerited results.

A CERTIFICATION is issued on the passed bar examination which is delivered to the address of domicile of the candidate, or – it is explicitly stated so in the request, to the address of residence, i.e. Candidate can accept the certification in person in the Secretariat. The candidate is entitled to request the issuing of the bilingual certificate, in the Serbian language and one of the national community languages in official use in the AP Vojvodina.

Exams are open to the public-interested persons may attend the oral part of the exam. Individuals who listen to the bar examination are obliged to base their behaviour upon the importance and the nature of the examination. Code of conduct during the bar examination implies, above all, respect for candidates who take the exam or refraining from interrupting the test (conversation in the room where the exam is taken, leaving the room during the presentation of candidates, etc.).

There are devices for detecting signals of mobile phones and other wireless devices in the room where the exam is taken. During the examination mobile phones must be completely turned off, and not just muted.

For any information please contact the Secretaries of Bar Examining Committees:
Ivan Borojev – Office I/69; telephone: 021/487-4383, 060/515-90-52,
e-mail address:
Dijana Katona, Office: I/65; Telephone number: 021/ 487-4427; e-mail:

Law on the Bar Examination ("Official Gazette of the RS", No. 16/97) Download
Rulebook on the Bar Examination programme ("Official Gazette of the RS, No. 51/97) Download
Rulebook on the Bar Examination ("Official Gazette of the RS", no. 14/98, 88/2008 and 108/2012) Download

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