Покрајински секретаријат за образовање, прописе, управу и националне мањине – националне заједнице


During the first week of the action, the Secretariat's representatives have already visited numerous schools, thus they have had the opportunity to see first-hand what the needs of the institutions are, which has been the primary goal of the action.
The first impressions of the visits are very positive. With a hearty welcome, representatives of all schools have expressed their satisfaction with the newly launched action.
The visited schools were provided with the information on calls for proposals of the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities - National Communities and the Public Investment Management Office, through which financial assistance to all educational institutions has been provided.

Primary School “Đura Daničić” building will mark its 60th anniversary next year, but it is in good condition. This school's principal and pedagogist have pointed out that they have been satisfied with personal relations among the staff, and among the pupils.

Vocational Secondary School of Electrical Engineering “Mihajlo Pupin” building is in good condition despite the fact that it has been thirty years since it was last refurbished. Windows in the building should be replaced. Even though the school does not have security, the system operates well even without it - by means of school watch.

Primary School “Nikola Tesla” building is old, but it is in good condition. For the majority needs identified by the school staff, the funds have been secured by the City, and they have also been advised to apply for calls for proposals that will be announced this year.

Even though the representatives of the Vocational Secondary School for Transport “Pinki” have mentioned that their building would need smaller adaptation, it has been noticed during the visit that the building, yard and vehicles for "B” category drivers have been in good condition.

Primary School “Žarko Zrenjanin” was built in the eighties of the last century. The building is in good condition, beautifully arranged, full of green vegetation and with beautifully decorated walls. The classrooms are beautifully arranged and well maintained.

Secondary School of Medicine “7 April” building is nicely arranged, the halls are tidy and the general impression is that the building is cosy and harmonious.

Primary School “Vasa Stajić” building reparation and expansion works are now under way. It is necessary to adopt the gym and refurbish the floors.

Primary School “Sonja Marinković” from Novi Sad is one of the first schools that started implementing inclusive education. Additionally, the school staff is making effort to stimulate gifted students and allow them to make progress, according to their potentials. The school building is well maintained, with neat hallways and beautifully painted walls.

The building of the Primary School “Jožef Atila” is well maintained, with neat hallways. In the school yard, there are labels with names of tree species, which adds to one’s informal education. According to the principal, Mr Dragan Utržan, everyone at the school is making effort to ensure the optimal working conditions. Furthermore, he stated the school participated in a number of different projects, adding that they would like to take part in programmes of cross-border cooperation with schools in the region (IPA projects).

The Secondary School of Agriculture with School Dormitory is the only school in the South Bačka District solely intended for education in the field of agriculture. The school building is very old and under protection of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Novi Sad. The school has prepared a number of projects that are ready for implementation. A possibility of introducing dual education was also mentioned.

During the visit to Primary School “Ljudovit Štur” in Kisač, it was concluded that the school building was quite old, but in good condition. The majority of school needs have been covered by the budget provided by the City of Novi Sad. However, the schools’ management team was advised to address our Secretariat to receive additional information about the forthcoming call for proposals.

In the school building of Primary School “Aleksa Šantić” from Stepanovićevo, the windows have been replaced and interior woodwork and sanitary facilities renovated.
According to the principal Svetlana Keleman, the school takes part in different projects (such as: For Cleaner and Greener Schools in Vojvodina, Bottle Cap for a Smile, Enter Your Future , in cooperation with the AIESC). They are also planning to expand their activities by entrepreneurship.

The principal of the Primary School ”Đorđe Natošević” presented the ideas concerning the school extension, adaptation of basement and roof repair, as well as replacement of their video surveillance system that has not been replaced for twenty years. He informed the present about the successfully finalised project in which the school was supplied with interactive boards, new kitchen equipment and introduced them with the project titled “Healthy Meals in School Cafeterias”. Furthermore, the principal presented the idea of inviting an Italian chef to train the school chefs, as well as the proposal to apply for the HACCP standard.

The building of the school for special primary musical education “Josip Slavenski” from Novi Sad is well maintained, the chamber stage, although small, is well lit and well maintained and equipped with a remarkable grand piano. The school needs a wheelchair ramp and an elevator. This institution was advised to address the Provincial Secretariat for Education Regulations, Administration and National Minorities - National Communities for information concerning the current calls for proposals.