Покрајински секретаријат за образовање, прописе, управу и националне мањине – националне заједнице

Division for Material and Financial Affairs

The Division for Material and Financial Affairs (hereinafter the Division) carries out material and financial tasks of the Secretariat and related study and analytical, documentation and statistical and record-keeping tasks in the field of pre-school, primary and secondary school education and student standards and in the field of the realisation of the protection and promotion of human and minority rights, safeguarding and fostering of inter-ethnic tolerance and official use of languages and scripts.
The Division carries out material and financial tasks for the indirect beneficiaries of the Secretariat. The proposals for the budget of the Secretariat and annual financial plan are designed within this Division, along with the quarterly plans. The documentation for the execution of financial obligations and periodical and annual reports on the implementation of the financial plan of the Secretariat are created within the Division as well. The tasks in the field of public procurements for the needs of the Secretariat are also carried out in this Division: the consolidation of the public procurement plan for the current budget year and the preparation of periodical and annual reports to the Public Procurement Office.
The Division studies and monitors the condition of the objects and equipment in the educational institutions on the territory of the Province, determines the needs and requirements for the repairs, investments in maintenance and investments in the field of the competencies of the Secretariat, i.e. the Division designs and implements the plans for the ongoing maintenance of educational institutions and future investments in them.
The Division monitors the enforcement of the law and other regulations governing the material-financial and treasury tasks and controls the purposeful, legal and rational use of funds by the budget beneficiaries.
Employees in the Division work closely with the relevant provincial authorities and services in terms of assuming and executing financial obligations. The Division collaborates with national authorities, provincial administration authorities and local self-government authorities in terms of duties within its competencies.
Specific internal units in the Division for Material and Financial Affairs are: the Department of Material and Financial Affairs in the field of Education and Department of Material and Financial Affairs.