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Primary schools in AP Vojvodina

Primary education in AP Vojvodina is mandatory and there are no school fees.
Curricula are designed to provide pupils with quite extensive general education. Individual interests are encouraged by organising additional classes and school clubs, while supplementary classes are organised for low achieving pupils. Extended stay is organised for pupils at schools where the appropriate conditions have been met.
In the territory of AP Vojvodina, there are 347 public regular primary schools, within which there are 188 satellite units (outside the central institution). Special attention is paid to education of children with developmental delays and disabilities. In the territory of AP Vojvodina, there are 13 primary schools for children with developmental delays and disabilities. Furthermore, in 30 regular primary schools there are classes for education of these children, along with the inclusive education option existing in all primary schools. In AP Vojvodina, there are 21 schools of music and two schools of ballet. In Novi Sad and Sombor there are schools for adult education. There are also classes for these purposes organised in 18 regular primary schools.
In primary schools in the territory of AP Vojvodina, in addition to the Serbian language, instruction is conducted in another five languages (Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Ruthenian and Croatian). In addition to regular classes in the said languages, pupils also have an opportunity to study Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Ruthenian and Croatian language, along with another six languages (Ukrainian, Bunjevac, Roma, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Czech), which is altogether eleven languages, as part of the elected subject - Native Language/Speech with Elements of National Culture.

Directory of public and private primary schools in AP Vojvodina Preuzmi (The document is currently available in the Serbian language only)

Register of institutions on the website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development