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Awards presented for best artworks within the “Promotion of Multiculturalism and Tolerance in Vojvodina” project


Awards for best works within two competitions, for selection of artworks themed around “Easter symbols” and photographic works on “Multicultural Easter card” have been formally presented today at the Yellow Room of the Provincial Government. There were 56 artwork applications submitted to the competition.

“We launched this competition in February this year, in cooperation with the Forum for Education, Cooperation, Promotion and Support to Civil Society (FESAP). The number of the artworks received only confirms the great interest of students and educational institutions on the themes of multiculturalism, tolerance, ethnic coexistence, history, tradition and customs in the territory of our province, along with the artistic aptitude of younger generations”, said Slađana Bursać, Deputy Provincial Secretary in her address.

The awards were presented by Milinka Hrćan, Assistant Provincial Secretary for National Minorities- National Communities, together with Ida Kabok, PhD, President of the FESAP Steering Committee.

The list of award winners per competitions:
- for the selection of artwork themed around “Easter symbols”:
• First award - Kristina Ramač, Primary School “Petro Kuzmjak”, Ruski Krstur;
• Second award - Ivet Klimo, Primary School “Petefi Šandor”, Bečej;
• Third award - Isidora Roža, Primary School “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj”, Subotica.

- For the selection of photographic works themed around “Multicultural Easter card”:
• First award - Dora Gužvanj, Primary School “Jožef Atila”, Kupusina;
• Second award - Korina Vig, Primary School “Miloš Crnjanski”, Srpski Itebej;
• Third award - Teolinda Glavaš, Primary School “Matija Gubec”, Tavankut.


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