Покрајински секретаријат за образовање, прописе, управу и националне мањине – националне заједнице

Office Holders

The Provincial Secretary is a member of the Provincial Government responsible for management of the Provincial Secretariat. The Provincial Secretary for Education, Administration and National Communities has a deputy, under-secretary and five assistant secretaries.

Zolt Sakalas
Žolt Sakalaš / Szakállas Zsolt, Vice-President of the Provincial Government and Provincial Secretary for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities – National Communities

Žolt Sakalaš was born in 1984 in Novi Sad. He attended the Grammar School “Svetozar Marković“ in the Hungarian language in his place of birth, where he also graduated from the Faculty of Law.

In the course of studies and upon their completion, he acquired professional development at faculties in Germany (Campus Europae) and Hungary. In 2008, he acquired the title of Bachelor of Laws and in 2010 he completed the master studies and received the award from the University of Novi Sad for outstanding success during studies. He was a Bundestag (IPS) scholarship recipient in 2011.
His professional career started at the Municipal Court in Novi Sad, where he worked as a judicial intern – volunteer, and continued from 2009, with occasional interruptions, at the provincial administration. From 2016 he was the Under-Secretary at the Provincial Secretary for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities – National Communities. He has also completed the Diplomatic Academy of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and passed the bar examination.
He is a member of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians.
In addition to his native languages – Hungarian and Serbian, he is fluent in English and German and also speaks basic French.
He is married.

Slađana Bursać
Slađana Bursać, Deputy Provincial Secretary for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities - National Communities

Slađana Bursać was born in 1972 in Krnješevci, municipality of Stara Pazova. In 1991, she completed the Teacher Education Secondary School, after which she graduated from the Teacher Education Faculty in Belgrade in 1993 and acquired the title of a Lower Grade Teacher, academic studies at the Teacher Education Faculty in Sombor, University of Novi Sad in 2004. She passed the professional exam for a Lower Grade Teacher in 1996. She attended master academic studies in Education Leadership at the Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences in Jagodina, University of Kragujevac. She passed the licence examination for school principals in 2020.

Slađana Bursać gained her work experience as a teacher at the Primary School "Milan Hadzić" in Vojka from 1995 to 2009. In 2009, she was appointed an acting principal of the newly established Primary School "Simeon Aranicki" in Stara Pazova and she was the principal of the said school for three terms of office, in the period from 2010 to 2022.

During her term of office as the principal of the Primary School "Simeon Aranicki", this school received the highest grade within the external evaluation and as one of ten schools whose work was characterised as top-quality by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, which was included in the project titled "3P approach - Recognise, Promote and Spread”. Slađana Bursać included the Primary School "Simeon Aranicki" in a large number of projects dealing with the development of professional orientation and entrepreneurship ("Professional orientation" - GIZ and "Entrepreneurial schools"), ecology and environmental protection (Project "Eco-school networks" and " For cleaner and greener schools in Vojvodina "), digitalisation in education (“Support to human capital development and research - general education and human capital development", "Smart school for smart children", "Selfie", "Digitalisation"), improvement of conditions for the development of sports activities in schools ("Sports into schools", "Active schools", "Stand upright – grow up healthy", "Karate in teaching", "Grow up healthy"), violence prevention (UNICEF project "Schools without violence") and professional development of teachers, modern methodological approaches and outcome-based curricula (projects of the Ministry of Education titled "Razvionica"(Development classroom) and "Improving the quality of teaching - development of key competencies through a multidisciplinary approach - Cooperation to knowledge"). In 2021, the school also participated in the International Reading Literacy Study - PIRLS. It participates in the work of the Support Network for Inclusive Education.

She is a member of the Serbian Progressive Party.

She speaks Russian and English.