Покрајински секретаријат за образовање, прописе, управу и националне мањине – националне заједнице


Покрајински секретаријат за образовање, прописе, управу и националне мањине – националне заједнице

Promotion of Multiculturalism and Tolerance

The project by the Government of AP Vojvodina titled”Promotion of Multiculturalism and Tolerance in Vojvodina“, whose primary goal is to foster the cultural diversity and develop the atmosphere of interethnic tolerance among the citizens of Vojvodina, has been successfully implemented since 2005. The holder of this project is the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Administration and National Communities, but it is implemented in cooperation with a number of national and international organisations and institutions. The project is designed as a complex, multi-thematic and multicultural programme, focused on the idea of strengthening the interethnic trust among the youth in Vojvodina. It includes a range of sub-projects and by means of events organised in the territory of the entire Vojvodina, involves several thousand of primary and secondary students from Vojvodina, taking part in various activities.

The principal goal of this project is to ease the interethnic tensions, while in the long-run it aims at creating the atmosphere of tolerance, mutual respect and trust among the citizens of Vojvodina, by including the efforts of all the relevant stakeholders.

The subject matter of the project is fostering and development of values of a multiethnic and multicultural society of Vojvodina, as a modern European region, according to the fundamental principles of an open, democratic society founded on the rule of law, whereas the activities within the project are directed towards the youth, first of all those aged 14 to 19, attending the senior grades of primary school and all grades of secondary school. The project should have direct effects primarily on the project participants, along with all other entities that will take a direct or indirect part in the project implementation. Considering the fact that projects entail the inclusion and direct contact of several thousand of young people, its implementation would have indirect effects on a wide population of Vojvodina.

Each of the previous phases of the project implementation has differed in its scope and structure. t is important to mention the most relevant sub-projects and activities in previous phases and those of the largest scope:

Sports competitions with additional contents “Cup of Tolerance”
"Cup of Tolerance" is a sport competition, which encompasses additional cultural contents, and is organised for elementary and secondary school pupils from Vojvodina, in five popular team sports according to the cup’s system, and it takes place in 7 cities in Vojvodina. The emphasis is primarily directed towards the youth as main target group, and thanks to the cooperation with educational institutions from the whole of the Province, massive participation has been achieved which enabled the main project message to reach large number of young people. In addition to the sports competitions, there has also been organised a day of accompanying cultural and entertainment programme for all participants.

Television quiz “How Well Do We Know Each Other” – for secondary school students
The sub-project is demonstrated through quiz-competitions in knowledge of the history and cultures of the national communities living in Vojvodina. The quiz participants are secondary school pupils’ teams from the whole of Vojvodina.
The target of the sub-project is to educate the citizens, primarily the youth, about the common history and cultures of various national communities living in Vojvodina, and to create conditions for such education through massive participation of Vojvodina secondary school pupils, as well as to broadcast the competitions via media.

Museum exhibition “Homeland on the Danube – cohabitation of Germans and Serbs in Vojvodina”
This activity implies preparation of a museum exhibition and organisation of visits to several European cities (Ulm, Brussels...) and Vojvodina. The goals of the activity are affirmation of positive values that derived from the common history of the two nations, and from interlacing and intercultural influences between the Serbs and the Germans, as significant contribution to historical and European experiences in development of multiculturalism and multiethnic tolerance.

Museum exhibition “Living together" – coexistence of Serbs and Hungarians – mobile form
The sub-project encompasses the exhibition that presents in an original, modern and multimedia manner, topics related to common history and culture along with the resulting interaction and mutual influence of people belonging to Serbian and Hungarian communities in Vojvodina.

“Richness of Diversity”
The activity encompassed announcement of competition for the best amateur photography on the topics of multiculturalism of Vojvodina, selection of the best works by professional jury and organisation of exhibition of the submitted works on several locations throughout Vojvodina.
The direct goal of the activity is to attract the attention of the public on the project goals through information about the competition and announcements of the exhibition staging, or through visits, thus indirectly promoting multiculturalism as a value of Vojvodina, through modern artistic expression.

“Together” – documentary TV series
“Together” is a documentary series that, in an original manner, analyses and represents Vojvodina’s diversity, as well as the common living and customs of its inhabitants. The documentary series “Together” presents the common history, interactions and influences, differences and similarities as well as multiethnicity of Vojvodina through film and music records. The broadcasting of the series should significantly contribute to the systematic education of the population, particularly the youth, then, to better mutual acquaintance, understanding, coexistence and more tolerant relations.

Media Campaign – Multiculturalism in Vojvodina
The sub-project presents a media promotion and highlighting of the ideas of multiculturalism and tolerance as universal values of each society, through various forms of media presentations, and short messages about the aforementioned topics. It is implemented through the print campaign (production of printed promotional material), television and radio campaign and the activities related to promoting and informing the public about the project activities.

“Ethno Day”
The sub-project “Ethno Day” encompasses the design and organisation of a series of presentations of the national communities that live in Vojvodina, with their folklore, cultural, historical, culinary and other characteristics, facilitated by Vojvodina primary school pupils, as well as the training of the teaching staff to give the presentations independently.
The goals of the sub-project “Ethno Day" are to promote awareness and knowledge of the diversity of the culture, folklore, history and similar, with various national communities living in Vojvodina, and to accept these differences as an advantage and wealth of the area.

Evaluation of the situation concerning the interethnic relations among the youth in Vojvodina
The evaluation of the situation concerning the interethnic relations among the youth in Vojvodina has been implemented through professional and systematic monitoring and evaluation of the current status of interethnic relations among the youth in Vojvodina, as well as through the introduction of monitoring mechanisms for the educational institutions and training of the employees to enable them to evaluate the situation independently.

“Camp without Borders, Kanjiža“
Within the project of the Provincial Government titled “Promotion of Multiculturalism and Tolerance in Vojvodina”, the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities-National Communities and the „Аna and Bastian” Youth Centre from Kanjiža organise the event “Camp without Borders, Kanjiža“whose primary goal is the promotion of positive values of multiculturalism and of coexistence of communities from the territory of the AP Vojvodina.
The main idea of the subproject is to give the opportunity to secondary school students from the territory of entire Vojvodina to socialise during several four-day-camps, as well as to learn about each other and compete in popular games of skill, aptitude and knowledge. The specificity of this subproject is the fact that teams are mixed by gender and ethnic structure and they consist of representatives of different schools that participate in the project, thereby strengthening mutual relations and trust.
The Camp has been conceived as a place where, apart from competing, accompanying programme and creative workshops will be organised, for the purpose of mutual familiarisation, overcoming of ethnic prejudice and strengthening of interethnic trust.

Other activities within the project implementation activity: Educational Trip
As part of the project "Promotion of Multiculturalism and Tolerance in Vojvodina", the provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities – National Communities, as the project holder, organises an educational trip for the “Cup of Tolerance” sub-project’s sport competition winners, and the two best ranked teams in the “How Well Do We Know Each Other” quiz sub-project.
Since 2006, the most successful project participants have had the opportunity to see the following cities: Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Salzburg, Graz, Passau, Ulm, Dresden, Strasbourg, Brussels, Roma, Barcelona, Prague, Krakow, Wroclaw, Ljubljana, Maribor, the cities of the Northern Italy – Venice, Padua, Bolzano, Verona, Trieste as well as numerous important institutions - European Parliament, Council of Europe, Danube Bureau Office in Germany, Universities in Bologna and Bolzano.

The participants of the educational journey

The competition for the co-financing of projects pertaining to the fostering and nurturing of interethnic tolerance in Vojvodina
As an integral part of the Project, the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities – National Communities announces the Competition for the co-financing of projects pertaining to the fostering and nurturing of interethnic tolerance in Vojvodina.
The funds envisaged by the competition are allocated for the co-financing of programmes, projects, and activities of organisations and associations, which aim at promoting values of a multicultural society and the preservation and nurturing of interethnic tollerance in Vojvodina, specifically for activities such as:
• Improving the production and the production of television and radio programmes, websites, other forms of electronic presentation, printing of the promotional material, activities regarding printed media and other forms of media activities;
• Publishing books, brochures, magazines and other non for profit publications;
• Organising seminars, conferences and other forms of scientific and educational meetings;
• Organising cultural, educational, sports and other events.

The participants involved
Starting with 2005, the project organization demanded direct contact with the youth, as the main target group and their active engagement in the activities:
• At the competitions within the “Cup of Tolerance” sub-project, during each of the previous project phases, there were over 3000 competitors on average, and they came from more than 140 primary and secondary schools in Vojvodina, which brings us to total of over 20 000 direct participants in the sport competitions since the commencement of the project implementation.
• During the third and fourth cycles of the quiz “How Well do We Know each Other”, 368 competitors from 92 Vojvodina’s secondary schools were actively involved (83% of the total number of the secondary schools in this province), while 200 supporters from the schools followed each of 40 quiz competitions, which gives us the total of 8000 spectators during the competition. Twenty four qualifying competitions were held in 12 towns in Vojvodina and 16 in the television studio. During the seven quiz cycles that have been held until now, more than 1700 competitors participated, and 102 quiz shows have been taped and broadcast.
• Since 2007, “Ethno Day” has taken place in more than 80 primary schools, whereas its activities involved more than 8000 pupils from 400 classes
• Through the implementation of the sub-project "Evaluation of the situation concerning the interethnic relations among the youth in Vojvodina" more than 4000 primary and secondary school pupils were encompassed.

During the project implementation, particular attention has been paid to finding donors for certain project activities. In addition to the financial aspect, it is also important to stress socially responsible engagement of business entities in Vojvodina, which is a part of the project’s general strategy. Until now, cooperation with many business entities has been realised. It is evident that there has been significant increase in interest and willingness of the business entities to establish a long term cooperation related to the affirmation of the project goals and ideas through various forms of support and sponsorship.
Significant share of the funds needed for covering the project costs, aside from the regular financing from the AP of Vojvodina budget, have been provided by donations.
The project "Promotion of Multiculturalism and Tolerance in Vojvodina" is a permanent activity of the Government of the AP of Vojvodina. The executive authority in the province has recognised the problem and has taken all the necessary actions and measures in the form of the project. The initiative had to be launched by the executive authority, however the main idea, from the very commencement of the implementation of the activity, was for the project activities to grow into educational process, whose realisation will be fully under the competence of the relevant entities in Vojvodina.
On the other hand, one of the activity’s aims has been to promote positive social trend that would engage all relevant actors in the process of affirmation and promotion of the values that are significant for Vojvodina’s cultural identity.

The total amount spent for the implementation of the Project activities in 2014 was 24,837,838.92 RSD and it was funded by the AP Vojvodina budget.

Contact person:
Bojan Gregurić
Senior expert associate for promotion of interethnic tolerance and multiculturalism
Tel. 021 /487-4604

Erih Sedlar
Tel: 021 /487-4713