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Training project for talented pupils and students ended


During the last ten weeks, a total of four hundred pupils and students from the territory of AP Vojvodina took part in the training project for talented pupils and students in the “Ceptor” Congress Centre Andrevlje. This project was implemented in cooperation with the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research with a view to raising the quality of educational process of primary and secondary education.

“In the first two weeks, the training was attended by pupils from eight primary schools while in the following eight weeks, secondary school students from 32 secondary schools took turns participating in the project. On a weekly basis, children stayed for six days in full board accommodation. The total of ten million dinars was earmarked for the implementation of this project. 104 applications were received during the call for proposals, which is an impressive number.” - said Milica Vučićević, Assistant Provincial Secretary for Education.

The programme was designed to last six days - from Monday to Saturday, after which children went home. Throughout the duration of the project various activities and workshops were planned and implemented by professional associates together with the children. Within the programme, one day was planned for visiting Sremski Karlovci as well as the faculties, for the purpose of professional orientation.

“I found the visit to Sremski Karlovci to be the most interesting point, where we visited the Karlovci Grammar School as well as the other important sights of the town.” - said Nikolina Nikolić, a student of the I year of the Grammar School “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” in Novi Sad.

“My favourite workshop was working of the topic of self-confidence. In the recent times it is not a frequent topic with social media, it has become forgotten, so it’s important to develop the concept of self-confidence.” - said Lara Kvaić, a student of the II year of the Technical school ”Mileva Marić Ajnštajn” in Novi Sad.

“The whole point of this early school break, i.e. These workshops was to learn something new, to meet people who have been awarded for their effort and work and who will be useful to us in the future, that is to make contacts which will be useful later on in life.” - said Lazar Radošević, student of the III year of the Secondary school of Mechanical Engineering in Novi Sad.

The topics which were covered during the weeks were as follows: Development of free thought throughout epochs; How to fall in love in chemistry; Presentation of one’s region; The greenhouse effect; Jewellery throughout history; Humans; Determining the weather forecast; Leonardo da Vinci; The secrets of the mystical Egypt and the black-and-white world (how to create a comic book).


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