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Working meeting on the subject of student cooperatives


The working meeting on student cooperatives in the territory of the AP Vojvodina was held today in the AP Vojvodina Assembly. The initiative to organise such a meeting came from the City of Zrenjanin, while the host was the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities - National Communities.

“The potential of student cooperatives is enormous. It is extremely important for local self-governments to take part in the cooperation with educational institutions and thus activate other schools to also get involved in cooperatives.” - said the Deputy Mayor of the City of Zrenjanin Snežana Vučurević.

During the last ten years, entrepreneurship has become a relevant topic in the Republic of Serbia as well and, in many aspects, it has been integrated into the strategic and legislative framework of sectors such as economy, education and youth.

“There are numerous advantages and values of student cooperatives. They develop students’ potentials, strengthen work habits and entrepreneurial competences, and build up self-confidence and awareness of every pupil of their interests and capabilities and further professional orientation in life. The development of the entrepreneurial spirit, positive attitude towards work, connecting classes with the world of professionals and professional orientation were in the focus of today’s discussion. Student cooperatives deserve full attention and absolute support at all levels.” - said the Vice-President of the Provincial Government and the Provincial Secretary Szakállas Zsolt.

The Ministry of Education makes great efforts when it comes to supporting student cooperatives.

“The Ministry earmarks significant funds for establishing and running cooperatives. Cooperatives offer students possibilities and relevance for progress while at the same time, does good for the development of the educational system.” - concluded Slavica Jašić PhD, Head of the Department for Preschool and Primary Education of the responsible Ministry.

The meeting was also attended by the representatives of our Secretariat, the Ministry of Education, City Administration of Zrenjanin, School Administrations from the territory of the AP Vojvodina and two primary and secondary schools respectively, which presented the work of their student cooperatives and exchanged experience and examples of good practice.


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