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Zsolt Szakállas visited talented pupils and students at Andrevlje


The Training project for Vojvodina's talented pupils and students, which is taking place in “Andrevlje" Centre for Economic and Technological Development at Andrevlje is still ongoing. Today, a fifth groups has arrived, a total of forty secondary school students from Zrenjanin and Bečej. On this occasion, the students were greeted and welcomed by the Vice-President of the Provincial Government and the Provincial Secretary Zsolt Szakállas.

“Our intention was to award you, talented students, in some way, for your contribution to the reputation of schools you attend and encourage you to nurture this uniqueness that you have within you. I hope you will spend the next six enjoyable days with your peers who all come from various backgrounds and that you will have the opportunity to learn something new about others, but also about yourselves, that you will enjoy the nature and gain new knowledge and findings as a result of the lectures and workshops that we have designed and prepared for you.” - Zsolt Szakállas said.

The training project for Vojvodina's primary and secondary school’s talented pupils and students started on 17th October 2022. During the course of ten weeks, more precisely, until 24 December, pupils and students from forty primary and secondary schools will participate in various activities from the sphere of natural and social sciences, art and culture with a view to raising the quality of educational process of primary and secondary education. The project has been implemented in cooperation with the Provincial Secretariat for Higher Education and Scientific Research, and more than ten million dinars was earmarked for these purposes.

The Deputy Provincial Secretary Slađana Bursać, Assistant Provincial Secretary for Education Milica Vučićević and the Centre’s Manager Vesna Hipik also greeted the students.


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