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Vojvodina Schools Portal Launched


Aggregated information about all educational, preschool institutions, as well as student dormitories in the territory of the AP Vojvodina, can be found on the new portal Vojvodina Schools, which will be available starting today at the following address

From now on, children, their parents, educators and all interested parties can access basic information about every school, such as, for instance, the year of founding, the founder, type of institution, language of instructions, name of the principal and date when they assumed the position. Contact details for each institution are listed as well - phone number, email and web address. In addition, there is an option on the site to narrow the search, enabling interested parties to separately select the type of institution, whether it falls into the category of public or private institutions, as well as to view the photo gallery.

The goal of the Provincial Secretariat for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities - National Communities, when developing the portal Vojvodina Schools, was to aggregate all information about kindergartens, schools and student dormitories, and thus help children and their parents in choosing appropriate educational institutions.

In the territory of the AP Vojvodina, there are 151 preschool institutions, 391 primary schools, 155 secondary schools and 18 student dormitories.


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